The George Floyd Story: Breakdown, Protests and Updates

An unarmed 46 year old black man, George Floyd died last week Monday. No, he wasn’t sick, he was not a criminal, he had committed no offense. Floyd died due to the impact of a white police officer‘s knee on his neck. Videos take by witnesses show evidence of Floyd repeatedly calling the attention of the officer to his difficulty to breathe due to the impact of his knee on Floyd’s neck. Floyd’s body lay lifeless and limp with the officer’s knee still on his neck.

Several protest and political reactions have come up as a result of this; some of them are:

The bus stop at the site of Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, Chicago Avenue became a makeshift memorial throughout May 26, as more people gathered the protest moved to the 3rd precinct of the Minneapolis police. Placards woth inscriptions “justice for Floyd” ”Black lives matter” and “ I can’t breathe” were carried by mourners and protests throughout the protest. The protesters got more furious when a Black CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez was unjustly arrested alongside his crew.

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The United States president, Donald Trump and his First Lady, Melanie Trump sent their condolence about the death of George Floyd via twitter and called for peace. Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz also said he expects justice for George Floyd and publicly apologized for the arrest of the CNN reporter.

After getting conflicting results, a final autopsy done on George Floyd revealed that he died from a cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained.

Protests continued throughout the week on behalf of black lives, the people are set on getting justice for the lives of black people lost and are set on making sure their cries are heard, over 100 cities have joined in the protest against police brutality with some of these protesters being arrested by the police.

The cry for the equity of black lives will no cease. The police have also taken to the use of plastic bullets to curb casualties and stop protesters. The United States is presently undergoing a Racism pandemic alongside the COVID-19 pandemic.

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