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A New Smart Face Mask Will Translate Your Voice Into Nine Languages

A New Smart Face Mask Will Translate Your Voice Into Nine Languages

  • While still protecting you from coronavirus.

A Japanese startup called Donut Robotics is developing a smart face mask called the C-Mask, which not just protects from the spread of coronavirus, but also doubles up as a translator.

The C-Mask works by recording your message and then transcribing it into a text message that’s sent via Bluetooth in nine languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Korean, Thai, Bahasa, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Furthermore, the mask can also make calls, note minute meetings, and help project and amplify a wearer’s voice.

In an interview with Reuters Japan, Donut Robotics CEO Taisuke Ono said, “for many years, we have spent time on developing robots, and we have decided to utilize the technology to be useful in the post-coronavirus world.” Donut Robotics is fundraising on a Japanese crowdfunding site and has currently secured approximately $260,000 USD. “We raised our initial target of seven million yen within three minutes and stopped after 37 minutes when we had reached 28 million yen,” added Ono.

Masks are set to cost around $40 apiece and will start shipping out in September in Japan. The company also wants to sell in China, the U.S., and Europe. Watch the C-Mask in action in the video above, and find out more information on Donut Robotics’ website.

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