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Instagram Accounts That Deliver A Masterclass In At-Home Fitness

Instagram Accounts That Deliver A Masterclass In At-Home Fitness

From full body works out courtesy of Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, to yoga moves taught by body-positive advocate Jessamyn Stanley and straightforward exercises for those with injuries with Amanda Bisk — these are the Instagram accounts to follow to inspire working out well from home.

As many people continue to work from home and practise self-isolation due to the spread of Covid-19, the physical and mental-health benefits of exercise are needed now more than ever. Thankfully, the rise of Instagram fitness accounts and the popularity of at-home virtual workouts means keeping active — responsibly, while staying indoors — is feasible, often with minimal or no equipment necessary.

Much needed mood-lifting A-list singalongs are appearing across social media (Pink, Chris Martin and Christine and the Queens have all recently performed online mini-concerts), while Lizzo held a global meditative session to help ease coronavirus anxiety, saying on Instagram: “If you with me, join me with a high vibration and any sanitiser you got.” And an abundance of virtual workouts from the likes of yoga guru Jessamyn Stanley and professional dancer Danielle Peazer can help during this extended period of social distancing, too.

For pilate enthusiasts: Lottie Murphy

The former dancer decided to train as a pilates instructor in 2012 and has since accumulated a cult following after her foray into the fitness world. Pilate devotees will find inspiration in Murphy’s videos as she uploads quick, easily digestible clips — such as this ab-crunching workout — to both Instagram and her YouTube channel, which boasts 107K subscribers.

For a full-body workout: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

Emulating a former Olympic athlete’s workout may seem like a daunting task, but Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill provides one that offers a low-impact approach while making sure you feel fully invigorated. Case in point: her swiss ball-blast workout. For those who don’t have a giant inflatable ball to hand, her Jennis Fitness website and app offer tips on how to be creative with the ‘equipment’ you can find in your home.

For avid runners and a sprinkling of motivation: Adrienne Herbert

During a period of uncertainty, following an account that can put your mind at ease with words of wisdom while keeping you active is invaluable. A TEDx speaker, FiiT master trainer and an experienced runner, Herbert provides bursts of motivational encouragement while also tackling a variety of cardio sessions on both her Instagram and the FiiT app.

For dancers: Danielle Peazer

Danielle Peazer’s extensive portfolio is filled with notable dancing credits (Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, to name a few) and her Instagram account is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise. Follow Peazer’s hashtag #trainlikeadancer to open up a wealth of at-home fitness gems, including an arm-toning workout and glute-burning steps.

For those with or expecting children: Rosie Stockley

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✨ So good to keep moving when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, and just to feel energised and strong. Vogue & did lots of short circuits – with no equipment for you all to do easily at home. ⚡️⚡️ 30s on, 10s rest, we did 3 sets but go for what you can! Rest more if you need. One set always Better than nothing. ⚡️⚡️ 1️⃣ 8 punches, jump turn (any amount, & step turn if needed) 2️⃣ Mountain climbers (change to lunge walks if pregnant & more comfortable for you) 3️⃣ Back lunges x2, then squat 4️⃣ Push ups – knees down is fine! 5️⃣ Feet in & out, up to plank & down ⚡️⚡️ Join me TOMORROW 2pm for a live 30 min home workout! #mamawell @voguewilliams

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After giving birth to her daughter Charlotte, Rosie Stockley — a trained dancer and professional fitness instructor specialising in post and prenatal exercise — started her journey to empowering women through fitness in 2017. As well as teaching ballet, the founder and CEO of Mamawell offers daily exercises for parents currently working from home. The best part? They’re child-friendly and fuss-free, involving no equipment. From 2pm GMT every day, gear up for cardio and stretching.

For yoga fans: Jessamyn Stanley

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Puts on makeup precisely one time for no reason and decides to feel herself. I used to wear makeup every day but these days I rarely do it because I’m busy and lazy and growing more into my tomboy truth with every passing day. But last year I finally assembled my vanity and this year I find myself drawn to it, even when I’ve only allotted exactly enough post-shower time to scrunch my curls and moisturize my ashy elbows. Anyway, the other day I did my makeup for absolutely no reason whatsoever and I just found these selfies while sitting on the toilet. I used to do my makeup for other people and now I think I might be into doing it for myself. Also, another huge part of why I don’t wear makeup that often is because I’ve historically been extremely lazy about removal and my skin is very sensitive to literally any change, even walking down the street, so instead of doing my makeup every day I’ve graduated to a thirty minute or more skincare routine, thank you for coming to my ted talk. #thirtysomething

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Teacher, author and yoga guru Jessamyn Stanley has amassed a loyal Instagram following, due to her body-positive ‘Yoga For All Bodies’ ethos and her relationship podcast, Dear Jessamyn. Since 2012, Stanley has offered her followers home-friendly yoga positions and powerful motivational mantras. Expect sessions that focus on how you feel, rather than how you look — a positive takeaway for those invested in the yoga community.

For beginners and those with injuries: Amanda Bisk

Australian native and former pole-vaulter Amanda Bisk uploads content navigating straightforward exercises targeting newcomers and those with injuries — and one quick scroll through her feed shows a range of free activities to tackle. Meanwhile, Bisk’s YouTube channel offers up a further dosage of endorphin-releasing videos to leave you spoilt for choice.

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