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Effects Of Coronavirus On The Nigeria Man’s Vocabulary

Effects Of Coronavirus On The Nigeria Man’s Vocabulary

Funny as this might sound, COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus has had a major effect on the life of every individual on earth, but my main focus would be on Nigerians. The reflect has been on their social lives, health, financial status, every aspect of their lives. The one aspect that I didn’t see being affected was the Vocabulary of the Nigerian Man.

COVID-19 has made words which Nigerians would rather not see any importance in its usage on a regular day a part of their Vocabulary, of course some of these words we’re known before but it’s usage in now prominent in the daily life of Average Nigerian man. COVID- 19 has therefore forced these words into our daily vocabulary; some of these words are:

1. Asymptotamic: This words is used to describe when. A person has diseases but is not showing symptoms and f this diseases which is the situation of some COVID-19 cases.

2. Pandemic: This term refers to an outbreak over a wide geographical area, Coronavirus is in almost all the countries in the world affecting a large number of people in these countries.

3. Quarantine: that is, isolation of patients who have been exposed to a virus to avoid the spread of this virus. Quarantine centers are being established for patients who have tested positive for Coronavirus.

4. Social Distancing: These refers to measure or attempts made to avoid social contact and interaction between people to prevent the spread of a disease. Pleases endeavor to maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters during this pandemic.

5. Lockdown: This refers to an emergency security protocol taken place to ensure people do not engage in any movement in areas, based on the emergence of this protocol most times people are advised to stock up to enable conducive during the lockdown.

The most important word and practice COVID-19 has imbibed in Nigerians is personal hygiene, every individual consciously makes effort to observe personal hygiene by always washing their hands at all times.

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