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5 Bag Trends To Keep A Close Eye On In 2020

5 Bag Trends To Keep A Close Eye On In 2020

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There’s one thing most women can agree on, our love for bags and shoes. We round up the 5 new and improved bag trends for 2020 that are here to stay.

There’s nothing like a mini-trend forecast and some retail therapy to lift up the mood. While all of our fashion sensibilities might differ, there is one thing we all absolutely love, and that is BAGS (and shoes.) When it comes to overindulgence or retail therapy accessories are the first things that come to mind. With the way things are going on out there, I am sure you might be at least window shopping.

So here I am, to add the trend to your cart with the top 5 bag trends that are slated to stick around for 2020. Just remember, even if you don’t want to shop, it doesn’t mean you can’t look!

1. Oversized tote

While this isn’t a new trend, it does look like a frontrunner for 2020. A super large tote that could potentially store a human, is here to stay. From Long Champ to Sies Marjan, we are seeing this oversized beauty everywhere even until the fall! If you own this bag, it will probably ensure you are social distancing anyway, cause this bag is just a whole other person.

2. Bamboo brigade

From bamboo handles to bamboo all over, the sustainable and green fashion movement looks like it’s made its way into the accessory space finally. Come SS ‘20, designers want to incorporate natural elements into their collections. Big names like Gucci, Prada and Miu Miu have been experimenting with bamboo handles this season and we are all for this sturdy beauty making it into our closet.

3. High volume cloud bag

This one has been a bit of a whammy. The quilted tote has been a classic all around, but it seemed like this trend of puffy clutches and bags that was started off by Bottega Veneta is here to stay. They are cloud-like pouches and bags, that is the identifier. Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch have already given us their version, so we just have to wait and watch as more designers create their versions of this piece.

4. Micro bag

We spoke about the oversized now let’s go under. When we say this is the OPPOSITE of oversized totes, we are not wrong. Last year we saw Lizzo carry a teeny tiny bag that looked like it served no purpose (well apart from putting the meme circuit in overdrive). While we thought it was a laugh a minute, it looks like trend forecasts beg to differ. The micro bag is here to stay and apparently is ideal for a night out. A bag that will basically fit your cards, an ID and some lipstick, it a crowd-pleaser. Burberry and Long Champ have already put their foot forward with this design.

5. Piggyback sling

What’s better than one sling? Two or three slings. Earlier the compartments were on the inside, but with this new trend, it will all be on the outside. Multibagging is already here and ruling, from Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tory Burch to Bottega Veneta, everyone is already on this bandwagon in 2020.

So there you have it, the top 5 bag trends. What do you love more? Bags or shoes?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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