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The Best Brands Making Clothings from Recycled Plastic Materials

The Best Brands Making Clothings from Recycled Plastic Materials

Our single use plastic habit has to stop. Single-used plastics have become a scourge on our environment even though these disposables, known as single-use plastics, are cheap, relatively strong and hygienic to use. Research has made it known that;

  • 40% of all plastic is manufactured for packaging – used just once, then dumped.
  • 1 million plastic drink bottles are bought around the world every minute.
  • By2050 there will be more plastic mass in the ocean than fish.

Ideas on how to reduce Plastic production, use and pollution is being formulated by series of agencies. Recycling couldn’t be left out being one of the crucial solutions to curb single use of plastics. Hence, fishing out plastics from oceans and repurposing will make a difference.

Some clothing brands have ventured into the use of plastics to make their products. Don’t be skeptical, many of these industries are only conscious of their environment and trying to save the world at large from the forecast crisis.


Batoko is an environmentally responsible independent British brand making comfy swimwear from recycled plastic waste. The brand has just few bold designs. The printing company uses non-toxic inks and are created digitally, which saves water and energy and produces little waste. Each swimwear is lined, with a low scoop back and a medium cut leg. Our favourite is the cockatoo swimsuit, which is 100% recycled plastic and made to last with care.


Labo mono

This brand makes jacket from about 30 recycled plastic bottles, giving jobs to unemployed plastic bottles and making a huge savings on water and energy used. Both the inner and outer layers of its jackets are totally recycled. We favourited the urban jacket, a unisex, fully waterproof and breathable jacket built for urban adventurers and the planet.

Kind Bag

It makes a reusable and machine washable bag with strong stitching to carry those heavy loads from six plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in the ocean. The bags are foldable into small pouch and can fit into pocket or handbag. The arms are much longer so it can easily be slung over your shoulders too.


It produces Activewear and Swimwear products composed of recycled fabrics made from abandoned fishing net s and made in Australia. All its products are conceived with sustainability and strong design values for maximum usage and minimum impact. Horizon athletic Rome 1960 compression leggings is awesome, these leggings are more than your average pair. The leggings are designed for medium to high impact exercise, and we found this high waist fit meaning they won’t budge or slip down, no matter what you do, so there won’t be any pulling up mid class.

You can trust our independent review for we’re not receiving a dime from any of the brand’s.

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