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Palace Teases Upcoming Collaboration With EVISU

Palace Teases Upcoming Collaboration With EVISU

  • Another unexpected team-up.

Following its unexpected collaboration with adidas Golf, Palace Skateboards has now teased an upcoming team-up with storied Japanese imprint EVISU.

Continuing to surprise its fans, the uniquely British label took to Instagram to post a short clip revealing the collab. In the brief video, we see a broken-down Volkswagen Golf Mk1 on the side of the road. Aside from the smoke coming out of the hood and spare tire flat on the road, upon closer review, the license plate clearly reads “EVISU.” Finally, as a subway car passes by a rotating EVISU seagull logo underscored by “PALACE” appears.

Founded in Osaka, Japan back in 1991, the storied label made a name for itself with its denim crafted through traditional, labor-intensive methods. An early marker of the brand that has remained is its iconic seagull logo which was hand-painted on each pair of jeans. Over the last 29 years, EVISU has been embraced by collectors and fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

Check out the teaser for the upcoming EVISU x Palace collaboration below.

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