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Outfits We Can’t Stop Thinking About In Katherine Ryan’s “The Duchess” On Netflix

Outfits We Can’t Stop Thinking About In Katherine Ryan’s “The Duchess” On Netflix

Even though it was released just on Friday 11 of September 2020, Katherine Ryan’s latest Netflix series, “The Duchess”, is already becoming one of the most talked-about things on TV.

The Duchess is a 2020 British comedy-drama web television series created by and starring Katherine Ryan.

The main cast cast are as follows;

  • Katherine Ryan as Katherine, a ceramics artist and Olive’s mother.
  • Rory Keenan as Shep, Katherine’s ex-partner, Olive’s father and a former boy band member.
  • Katy Byrne as Olive, Katherine and Shep’s nine-year-old daughter.
  • Steen Raskopoulos as Evan, Katherine’s boyfriend and an orthodontist.
  • Doon Mackichan as Cheryl, Shep’s fiancée.
  • Michelle de Swarte as Bev, Katherine’s business partner.
  • Sophie Fletcher as Jane, Millie’s mother.

The six-part series portrayed a woman named Katherine juggling single motherhood, her business alongside dealing with her troubled ex.

Not only just her jocular and light-hearted script that has heaped up fans, but also the way she’s dressed.

Katherine’s wardrobe is incredibly flamboyant. There are feathered trousers from Prada, patterned socks from Gucci and a lot of Givenchy handbags.

Then there are the sharp velvet blazers, the fluorescent tulle skirts, and the embellished headbands.

Each and every single outfit Katherine wears is awesomely crafted, adding to her characterisation as – here are a few of her killer-dressings;

The flowing tulle skirt gives an ethereal feel while the red and gold belt creates an hourglass silhouette.

Katherine’s daytime date look is poised and elegant, while still being eccentric.

The checked coat perfectly matches the pastel pink shade of her Victorian high-neck blouse and gently offsets the lime green hue of her tulle skirt.

But really, what makes this look a standout one is Katherine’s Victoria Percival headband, which is embellished with pearls and butterflies. And because nothing is ever understated, she matches the headband with oversized drop-down earrings.

This is one of her best school run ensembles. The knee-high Gucci socks clash gloriously with Katherine’s pink shoes and her pleated purple dress.

The black velvet blazer brings the look together while making it look somehow acceptable to wear an Eighties prom dress in the middle of the day in 2020.

This look is nothing short of iconic. The sweatshirt would be enough on its own, but the fact that Katherine wears such an item over the top of a feathered Prada co-ord brings the outfit into another league entirely.

Every moment for Katherine is a fashion moment, even if all she’s doing is taking her daughter, Olive, to school.

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