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10 Ways To Rock Stripes In Bold, Alluring And Elegant Style

10 Ways To Rock Stripes In Bold, Alluring And Elegant Style

Patterns have a way of upgrading your wardrobe in fabulous ways when it comes to versatility in style. Stripes continue to incite waves as a statement-making print. With a range of Uber-chic and dynamic structures fit for every fashionista, the pattern transcends conventional trends with finesse.

Stripes maintain a hot streak within the style scene from minimalists and monochrome enthusiasts to neutral and duotone devotees. The dramatic and illusionist pattern offers diverse ways to style with its asymmetrical, horizontal and vertical lines, it has a way of flattering any body type in gorgeous ways. A number of edgy principle can be achieved, whether Sophisticated and luxurious hues or casual and boisterous fits by pairing the polished print with contrasting patterns like polka dots and florals.

Stripes can also be rocked as chic collared and mini dresses, flared pants/trousers and striking blazers to add to its versatility image. Stripes are undeniably in to change the fashion game in bold and creative outfits and were here for it.

Check out 10 ways to rock stripes in bold, alluring and elegant style…

1. Mix with polka dots

Sarlea Mah

2. Pair with denim

Hint Of Glamour

3. Pair with a solid color

Kefilwe Mabote

4. Double up in two colors

Blair Eadie

5. Stripes over a solid-colored set

Shanda Rogers

6. Break up long lines with a belt

Fusun Lindner

7. Do a color threesome

Blair Eadie

8. As a set with over/under a single solid color

Alexandra Lapp

9. Pair stripes of varying sizes

Fusun Lindner

10. Mixed with a floral print

Blair Eadie

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