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#BBNAIJA: Neo wins 1.3 million naira

#BBNAIJA: Neo wins 1.3 million naira

The bbnaija housemates were faced with some tasks yesterday,courtesy of indomie.

The indomie company came to the house with the sum of 4 million naira and gave each of the housemates a task to perform and any winner goes with a huge sum.

Firstly, they were given lots of rings each and tasked with throwing the rings over a pole and any one who has the most ring on their pole will be the winner

Neo had 8 rings on his pole
Nengi had 4 rings
Ozo had 1 ring
Vee had 0 ring
Trickeytee had 1 ring
Dorathy had 5 rings
Laycon 2
Therefore making neo the winner of this round with the sum of #500,000.

The next task,each housemates got a box of indomie and each box contains fabric and item for making a cloth and to cook their indomie using a special recipe.

Not only that,they also had a sash which they wore over their cloth and that had the name of the recipe they had to make and because neo won the first round biggie made him the moderator for the remaining rounds of the task.
They were expected to made a cloth each out of their fabrics and also prepare the indomie as well in 2hrs

The recipe for each include:
Neo – indomie carotini comprising lots carot
Nengi – indomie Tomatoni that means with lots of tomato
Dorathy – prawn delight comprising lots of prawns
Vee – ginger swag comprising lots of ginger
Ozo – Egglet comprising lots of eggs
Trickeytee – indomie coconuti with lots of coconut
Laycon – indomie bellin that means he should remove the seed from bell peppers without slicing it and then stuff the indomie inside

After the two hours,they were called upon to present their work putting on the cloths they made together with their meals and catwalk to the tune of the indomie jingles.

And they had to make a presentation explaining the inspiration behind the cloth and how it relates to their meal.

The next task they were blindfolded and neo being the moderator had to take each of the housemates around giving them the noodles prepared by another housemates and they will have to guess the name of the noodles according to the recipe and they were judged by how well they could guess the name of the noodles.

Biggie who was the judge gave them points and shared the money according to their points,which are:
Neo had 6ps and won #827,000
Nengi and Ozo had 3ps each and they each won #413,000
Dorathy,vee and laycon each had 4ps and won #551,000 each
Trickeytee had 5ps and he won #689,000

Therefore,Neo who had won #500,000 in the first task and #827,000 in the last one had a total sum of 1.3million


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