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Kanye West Tops Forbes’ List of Highest-Paid Musicians

Kanye West Tops Forbes’ List of Highest-Paid Musicians

Kanye West is not only the highest-paid musician of 2020 — he’s the second-highest-paid celebrity overall, according to Forbes annual list, which dropped on Thursday.

While far behind extended-family member Kylie Jenner, who topped the main list with $590 million, West is No. 2 with $170 million, far ahead of the next musician on the list, Elton John, who came in at No. 13 overall (No. 2 in music) with earnings of $81 million. The third highest-paid musician is Ariana Grande, who is the highest-placing female musician at No. 17, with $72 million; next are the Jonas Brothers with $68.5 million; and fifth is the Chainsmokers with $68 million.

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The list lands at an unprecedented time in the world and the music industry: A large percentage of the artists on the list made a large percentage of their income from touring, which most certainly will not be the case this year, with all major tours postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the bulk of West’s income derives from his massively popular Yeezy sneaker line, and from Jay-Z and Drake to Rihanna and Taylor Swift, he’s not the only one diversifying his revenue streams.

Check out the full list here.

Forbes World’s Highest Paid Musicians (2020)

  1. Kanye West $170 million
  2. Elton John $81 million
  3. Ariana Grande $72 million
  4. Jonas Brothers $68.5 million
  5. Chainsmokers $68 million
  6. Ed Sheeran $64 million
  7. Taylor Swift $63.5 million
  8. Post Malone $60 million
  9. Rolling Stones $59 million
  10. Marshmello $56 million
  11. Shawn Mendes $54.5 million
  12. Jay-Z $53.5 million
  13. Billie Eilish $53 million
  14. BTS $50 million
  15. Drake $49 million
  16. Jennifer Lopez $47.5 million
  17. Pink $47 million
  18. Rihanna $46 million
  19. Luke Bryan $45.5 million
  20. Backstreet Boys $45 million
  21. Phil Collins $45 million
  22. Blake Shelton $43.5 million
  23. Celine Dion $42 million
  24. The Eagles $41 million
  25. Metallica $40.5 millio
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