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Big Sean Says He ‘Immediately Called’ 2 Chainz After He Claimed To Have Best “Mercy” Verse

Big Sean Says He ‘Immediately Called’ 2 Chainz After He Claimed To Have Best “Mercy” Verse

Big Sean wasn’t about to let 2 Chainz slide.

It was just a week ago when Tity Boi boldly claimed to have dominated 2012’s “Mercy,” his hit collaborative track with Sean, Kanye West, and Pusha-T. 2 Chainz made the declaration in an Instagram post that featured the single’s cover art along with the question about which artist had the best verse.

2 Chainz’s answer? Well, it wasn’t exactly humble: “No disrespect but I kilt all dem boys.”

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No disrespect but I kilt all dem boys

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Though many would agree with 2 Chainz, Sean admitted he was pretty surprised by the comment and didn’t hesitate to confront his friend.

“I immediately called him like, ‘What the fuck you talkin’ about bro?'” Sean said during his recent appearance on the The Rap Pack podcast. “He was like, ‘No, no, I wasn’t talking about you, bro. I was talkin’ about the whole game. Obviously everybody on there was going crazy.’ I’m like, ‘That’s not how it seemed.'”

He continued: “I told him, I was like, ‘N***a, as far as ‘Mercy’ goes, I was the first one doing my verse on the song. Like, it was just the beat and I freestyled my verse. Like, I did it without trying and Kanye was the one who loved it so much.”

Sean said his verse was so well received during the recording process, and recalled studio conversations about how his contribution basically set the bar for Kanye, Pusha, and, yes, 2 Chainz. Sean told podcast hosts Carl Chery and HipHopDX editor-in-chief Trent Clark that 2 Chainz didn’t disagree.

“He didn’t have no objections to that,” Sean said. “He knew. I’ve done a lot of songs with 2 Chainz. I was gonna be like, ‘Oh OK, I got you on ‘K.O’ and ‘All Me’ and ‘Big Bank.’ But that’s my brother. We was just really kinda kidding around.”

Hear Sean’s full comments above.

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