When Can We Officially Stream ‘Weird But True’?

Educational family shows Weird But True is migrating from its original home on National Geographic to a new prime position on streaming service Disney+.
But while the series may be moving, viewers can be sure of is that the format will remain the same, teaching the audience about a wide array of topics in a fun and easy way.
However, the show is getting a new co-host as Charlie Engelman will now be paired up with fellow children’s entertainer Carly Ciarrocchi, in place of his sister, Kirby.

Here’s all that you should know about Weird But True season 3 on Disney+, let us get into it.

When is Weird But True on Disney+

Weird But True Season 3 will now be accessible to stream on Disney+ from Friday, 14th August. Like most original series on this platform, episodes will be added om a weekly basis rather than all at once.

What is The Background Story of Weird But True?

Weird But True is an educational show that aims primarily at children and families, which plans to reveal exciting and interesting information about the world.

The show sees our charismatic hosts embark on innovative and unique adventures, integrating a “mix of arts and crafts, unbelievable facts and real-life exploration,” as stated by Disney.

Weird But True Season 3: Episode Details

Weird But True deals with a great variety of topics that fall under the remit of National Geographic, and Season 3 will be no exception, revolving around topics of interest like dinosaurs, farming, and the solar system, to name a few.

Here is the list of Season 3 episodes:

Episode 1- Dinosaurs
Episode 2- National Parks
Episode 3- Farming
Episode 4- Germs
Episode 5- Photography
Episode 6- Trains
Episode 7- Venomous Animals
Episode 8- Our Solar System
Episode 9- Cooking
Episode 10- Explorers
Episode 11- Scuba Diving
Episode 12- Camping
Episode 13- Rockets

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