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Tiger King Season 2: What You Should Know About Joe Exotic’s Future?

Tiger King Season 2: What You Should Know About Joe Exotic’s Future?

Wild Documentaries and shows are fun to watch, and Discovery and National Geographic are reliable sources to know about wildlife when the streaming giant Netflix is collecting talents from around the world, then how it could be lagging behind in terms of providing at least one feature on the wildlife.

Tiger King is still ruling the charts of best Netflix shows this fall, and it brilliantly displays the life of Zoe Exotic and his altercation with Carole Baskin. Now a sequel is in the speculations as the show already got some positive response, and Netflix tends to decide the future of the show.

Renewal Status

Shows like Tiger King doesn’t require much concentration to decide its future. The show already got the green light and ready to go for another season. So you will witness Joe Exotic again with his Tigers, and many are already counting for it.

Expected Release Date

We were expecting the renewal confirmation, and we got it, but we are still lagging for the real business. When will the show hit the streaming giant’s screen? We are asking the same question again and again, but still, Netflix didn’t provide any confirmation about the sequel.

But according to some sources, it was speculated that the show wouldn’t be on Netflix next year, but it tends to take an annual break and expected to arrive in the fall of 2022. Covid-19 pandemic already slowed down the progress of vast industries, and it’s pretty obvious that filming is not possible, and we are sure that there was no schedule that happened for the sequel season.


Joe Exotic
Carole Baskin 
Doc Antle
Jeff Lowe
As we mentioned, there was just a confirmation, and thus there are no attachments like a trailer or a teaser. We could expect the trailer to arrive next fall until then we have to be more patient regarding the updates.

Expected Plotline

There is nothing much to discuss, but the show will focus on Siegfried and Roy and the assault, which ended the initial season.

Jeff bought the zoo immediately after he was arrested, and now we could see both Jeff and Doctor Antle taking care of business. There is still much-awaited speculation of Joe coming back from prison, and if it will happen earlier, then the show would be more awesome.

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