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The Boys Season 2 Confirmed Release Date! Deets Here

The Boys Season 2 Confirmed Release Date! Deets Here

The Boys is an American superhero thriller, produced by Garth Annis and Derrick Robertson which is based on the comic of the same name. It was developed by Eric Kripke for the Amazon organization, which follows a group of self-perceived vigilantes as they fight key individuals who disobey their abilities. Well, with the successful completion of the first season of The Boys, the show returns once again with its new season, The Boys Season 2.

When can we expect The Boys Season 2 to hit our screens?

According to sources, the series was supposed to air long before the show’s new release date, but due to some circumstances, the release date for The Boys Season 2 changed to September 4, 2020.

Although the first season of The Boys was released entirely with its eight episodes, creating more suspense among viewers, show producer Eric Kripke decided to release just three episodes of the new season, while others will be released weekly.

Do we have any trailer for The Boys Season 2?

With the arrival of the new teaser for Season 2, viewers should take a deep breath. Here it is for you, to enjoy the best vision of what comes on your screen and rock.

Unlike Season 1, which was extremely brutal to watch, this time around, everything seems new because this season includes all the components you could ever think of for a new season.
However, season 2 of The Boys has the same cast as in season 1, this time the show will be trending everywhere with some important news. Therefore, the new season is filled with more blood, more excitement for revenge, and guess what, much more mystery.

What are the plans for next installment of The Boys?

The icing on the cake is the fact that before the release of season 2, Eric has also announced season 3. I know how wonderful it feels, to be sure that kids shouldn’t be going anywhere for at least one other season.

Eric Kripke couldn’t hide his happiness as he shared that Amazon had already given the green signal for the upcoming season. He and the team of writers are already working and plan to film in 2021 given the circumstances due to the “micro virus”. He is completely grateful to fans, Amazon and Sony for their unwavering support, inspiring him to go far and further.

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