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Star Wars: Ron Howard Opens Up About The Possibility Of Solo Sequel

Star Wars: Ron Howard Opens Up About The Possibility Of Solo Sequel

Here is what we know about a potential sequel to Solo, the Star Wars film!
Well, well, well, Ron Howard, the director has thrown light on the subject that there is absolutely no schedule or planning done for a sequel called Solo A Star Wars Story.

The film was first released back in 2018 and it can be considered as the second anthology endeavor from the franchise after Rogue One by Gareth Edward gained a large amount of success.

Here is what we know about the plot of the film Solo from 2018!
Both of these films have gone through the stages in the process of production which could be dubbed as tumultuous but it was obvious that Solo was quite more open to the public with a director switch between the original man Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and Howard. This event totally happened at the last minute and was devastating.
Solo did the task of introducing all the fans to Alden Ehrenreich who is actually the younger iteration of Han Solo. You can consider him to be a character who is very similar to Harrison Ford who reprised him in the original trilogy as well as Star Wars: The Force Awakens along with ith Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Here is the information about the cast members of Solo!
An impressive cast was brought together by the film and here are their names;

Donald Glover who reprised the role of young Lando Calrissian
Actress Emilia Clarke who enacted the character of Qi’ra
Paul Bettany who did the part of Dryden Vos
Woody Harrelson who reprised the role of Tobias Beckett
This kist which has been given above is just a fraction of the whole cast which was studded with stars.

Will a Solo A Star Wars Story ever happen in the future?

For those who are probably hoping to see all of these guys come together again in a potential sequel about the film Solo, then Howard has very bad news for you because he is currently not planning about doing this project.

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