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Pets United 2: Will There Be A Sequel ?

Pets United 2: Will There Be A Sequel ?

When ROGER (a Robin Hood-style stray dog) and BELLE (a beautiful but spoiled cat) find themselves in the chaos of a robotic take on their hometown, they must survive. As they embark on an action-packed, high-stakes adventure.

The Storyline

The last stray dog ​​in town, he steals food from the rich and spreads his loot among the less privileged animals in town. When Roger returns from his heated encounter with Belle in Belle Old Town, part of Roger City, he is immediately confronted by a bulldozer about to demolish his home. Amid the chaos, he meets BOB, an ’emo-bot’ (a robot with emotions was not the most successful business idea), and together they barely survive.

Mayor Frank Stone is clearly paranoid and has to evict all living things from Robo City to make it an exclusive place for robots. This soon leads Roger and Bob to be stranded at Co-Pamper-Petes’, a haven of luxury and well-being for the town’s little pets.

There lived RONALDO, a royal poodle with his terrible pecs; Stepwell and boisterous bushpig; A simple and pessimistic pug, Walter; CHILD, ADDED FRUIT SMOOTH, RED PANDA SLOMO; And, of course, the fabulous Belle. Now they have all found something in common: their masters and lovers do not pick them up before leaving town in a hurry. How can pets survive in this increasingly hostile situation?

Their journey takes them through the city’s zoo, which is now the sole area of ​​a trio of animal hunters: ASGAR the tiger, STAN the hyena, and VICTOR the Komodo dragon. To animals, the pet seems like a good light snack, but Roger’s street smarts, trapped creatures, especially those led by Sophie and Belle, display hidden qualities and tremendous fighting spirit.

And when Bob becomes a prisoner of the mayor’s robotic police, our lovable gang must try to save him and the townhouse, all of which solves the mystery behind the mayor’s insane effort. They are trying.


Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Into Darkness, The Tudors)

Eddie Marsan (Deadpool 2 Vice Filth Vera Drake

Stephen Mangan (Postman Pat: The Movie, Episode, Rush)

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