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Noblesse: Check All The Important Details For The Upcoming Anime Series

Noblesse: Check All The Important Details For The Upcoming Anime Series

In recent times, the Korean manhwa has absolutely flown among the Others. And although there are many good human beings, three of them are at the top. Written and illustrated by sons Jeho and Lee Kwangsu, Noblesse is one of the ‘Big Three’ of Manhwaas. The series is extremely popular in the fan community and is often believed to be the best.

The first one premiered in 2015 and the second one premiered the following year. Titled The Noblesse 2016 animated short production was produced by I.G. It quickly gained a huge following and became a hit.

Release date?

Though it’s safe to say that fans aren’t content with just a 31-minute short film. And for a long time, viewers have been demanding to see a lengthy anime adaptation of Manwa. Fortunately for Otakus, the new anime was confirmed at Seoul Comic-Con in August 2019. Additionally, Crunchyroll will co-produce and broadcast internationally. However, for now, we do not know an official release date. We think it will launch next year or 2022.

Other updates?

Other than confirmation, we don’t know anything else about the anime. However, we assume that Manhwa’s character will also act in the anime. Certainly, Raizel’s Caddis Atrama will appear as the protagonist. Furthermore, we also hope to see Frankenstein in the anime. In addition, other characters such as Han Shinwu, Wu Ik-Han will also appear.

However, we do not know about the cast of the anime. Although the voice cast of the OVA 2016 may once again claim their roles in the anime. For now, we are waiting to hear an official word on this matter.

The plot?

For the plot itself, nothing has emerged. We don’t even know if the next anime will continue after the OVA events. However, the series can be a complete retelling of the story. In which case, we believe that the story will follow a powerful and ancient ‘noble’ opinion. He has been sleeping for centuries, and after waking up he finds himself in modern Korea.

Then he goes to explore his new environment and attends a school. And there, he meets his loyal servant Frankenstein. Later, he enrolls in school and befriends some students. Together they would embark on adventures and learn more about Rai’s past.

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