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Netflix’s Midnight Mass: Mike Flanagan Reveals Production Begins, Shared A First Look

Netflix’s Midnight Mass: Mike Flanagan Reveals Production Begins, Shared A First Look

Here is what we know about the new series called Midnight Mass on Netflix!
Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the genre of horror and mystery must be well aware of the fact that Mike Flanagan, the filmmaker, has now built up the following theme for himself with creating films like Oculus as well as OUIJA: Origin of Evil.

But then came in the streaming giant Netflix where we saw his first Television series called The Haunting of Hill House on the platform which went on to introduce his ideas to a wide variety of audiences.

Here is how the production is moving forward on the Midnight Mass project!
This even marked as a point in time where the filmmaker returned to the world of long-form storytelling with the new series called Midnight Mass which he has confirmed has started the process of production with a snapshot from the set of the project.

Just similar to most of the series that are present on the streaming giant Netflix, people can assume that the production on this one is moving in the forward direction in Canada while the all the restrictions because of the pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus are still too strict in the United States for such a big thing to happen at this point in time.

Here is what Mike Flanagan posted on Twitter about his first day at production!

Mike Flanagan shared on his personal Twitter handle saying that this was his Day one on the set and here they go. This tweet was attached with a picture of him on the slate of production.

The tale of this new series called Midnight Mass is going to throw the entire spotlight on an isolated island community that will happen to experience events that can only happen in a miracle along with some frightening omens. These circumstances all start after a charismatic and mysterious young priest gives the appearance.

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