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My Hero Academia Season 5: Official Announcements

My Hero Academia Season 5: Official Announcements

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia is another anime that has set its name, the show has blessed its fans with four amazing seasons back to back, and now we are humbly waiting for the season 4, with great reviews and rating the show has become our must-watch recommendation.

So, without wasting any time, let us get into all the details we have about an upcoming season 5 of My Hero Academia.

Release Date For My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia follows an excellent pattern of release season one premiered in 2016, followed by season two in 2017, season three in 2018, and season four in 2019, but it looks like fans will have to wait a great amount of time to be able to view season five.

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The pandemic has taken over our lives, the production of shows and movies still stands canceled, the makers of My Hero Academia have expressed their concerns over this as well, the show will not be returning for season 5 in 2020.

Our best guess goes for a 2021 release. However, fans can re-watch the previous seasons by that time.

Cast And Characters Returning For My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia Season 5

Here is a list of cast and characters we will see in My Hero Academia season 5

  • Kenya Lida
  • Chaco Muranaka
  • Justin briner
  • Luci Christian
  • Akatsuki Bakugo
  • Michael Tatum
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Clifford Chapin

Possible Plot For My Hero Academia Season 5

My Her Academia is based on a Manga series; season 5 will proceed right where it was left in season 4, first things first season 5 will begin with Deku’s dream, which was also a huge part of the post-credit scene.

The dream can have alot of interpretations, and it might carry a very important message which could change the whole plot.

That is all we know so far about the show we will keep fans updated on the latest news about My Hero Academia season 5 until then continue reading with us!

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