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Mulan: The Upcoming Live Action Movie Will Release In Chinese Theaters

Mulan: The Upcoming Live Action Movie Will Release In Chinese Theaters

Here is all that we know about the Disney film called Mulan!
Well, well, well, as all you guys might be well aware of the fact that Mulan is a forthcoming tale whose story is adapted from folklore which is quite popular in China. The genre of this movie excels in the department of action as well as drama. That folklore goes by the name, The Ballad of Mulan.

This upcoming film can also be considered as a live and action adaptation of the animated film by Disney that came out back in 1998 and is of the same name. The task of directing this film has been given over to Niki Caro while the work of screenplay has been handled perfectly by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver as well as Lauren Hynek along with Elizabeth Martin. Walt Disney Pictures are the ones to produce this film.
Here is what we know about the release date of Mulan in theatres as well as on Disney plus!
The plans to make this film were already in full sail back in 2010 but they all never succeeded. But then in 2017, the cast members were set and the film was finally put to work. The Hollywood premiere of Mulan was set to be on the 9th of March 2020 but it eventually got deleted because of the tye pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus.

As if right now, it has been revealed by Disney Studios that the film is going to release on Disney Plus for a premium fee in all the countries where its service has been launched on the 4th of September 2020. It is going to have a theatrical release which is actually the traditional one in all the countries where the streaming platform is non-existent right now as well as in the areas where theatres have come to life once again.

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