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Moonfall Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Moonfall Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Moonfall is an upcoming sci-fi adventure movie about a space crew that embarks on a mission to the moon after it’s suddenly and unexpectedly struck by an asteroid that plunges it into a direct collision course with the Earth. A “mysterious force” knocks the moon from its orbit around Earth. The team, in response, is launched into a near-impossible last-ditch emergency mission into space to land on the lunar surface and save Earth from complete and total destruction.
Astro Saviors
Cast as this movie’s Astro saviors are Josh Gad, Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and Charlie Plummer.
Roland Emmerich, who is credited with incredible, brilliant movies like 2012, White House Down, The Day After Tomorrow, and more, is to be credited once again for Moonfall.  So, of course, it goes without saying that our expectations are skyrocketing.

When Does The Adventure Begin?

It’s the question on all our minds: when does the adventure finally begin? Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic (as we all know) holding things up (AGAIN), filming is yet to start. Soon is the answer we’re hoping for, though. We aren’t sure of the exact date- no one is. But, we do know that its expected to be some time in 2021. Which seems like its far away when we’re stuck in the house with no bounds of time for miles- but it isn’t that far away. That’s good news. It’s July already! Moonfall is our reward for surviving the curse of 2020.

This is all we have on us today. But you know what to do- stay tuned for more updates, you know you want to!

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