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Love Fraud Season 1: Crucial Details Including Air Date

Love Fraud Season 1: Crucial Details Including Air Date

Documentary series is becoming popular amongst the viewers lately. Showtime is coming up with a documentary series on its platform at the end of August. The documentary series titled Love Fraud will take the viewers inside the world of Richard Scott Smith. When is the series releasing on Showtime?

Love Fraud: When Will The Documentary Series Release On Showtime?

The viewers will get to watch Love Fraud on Showtime from August 30 this year. The series will have four parts. It will air on Sundays at 9 pm ET/PT.

Love Fraud: What Is The Premise Of The Documentary Series?

The Showtime documentary series Love Fraud will revolve around Richard Scott Smith. Richard is a con-man. He searches for women online and acts to fall in love with them. After gaining the confidence of these women, Richard dupes them of money and flees away. The ladies in Richard’s life gather together and hire a bounty hunter to teach him a lesson when the judiciary system fails them.

Love Fraud: Who All Will Be A Part Of The Documentary Series?

As the series is a documentary, real people will be seen in the series.

Love Fraud: Is There A Trailer Of The Upcoming Documentary Series?

Showtime has launched the trailer of Love Fraud. The trailer is two minutes long and reveals what the viewers can expect in the upcoming documentary series. The trailer shows a con-man who goes from one woman to another and makes a promise of a good future to each one of them. Richard is a charmer, and after a few meetings, he convinces each woman that he is madly in love with them. After his love confession, Richard cons these women of thousands and thousands of dollars. After that, he disappears and is not seen again. The con artist then moves on to his next target.

Richard uses the internet to search for his targets. The victims of Richard’s fraud team together and look for him. As the women try to locate, they find a woman who has known Richard closely. The mystery woman wants to help these women in locating Richard. The woman shares details about Richard.

Love Fraud will air on Showtime from August 30.

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