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Greenhouse Academy Season 5 Canceled???

Greenhouse Academy Season 5 Canceled???

Here is all that we know about the series called The Greenhouse Academy on Netflix!

Well, well, well, for all the people who are in love with the series called The Greenhouse Academy on the streaming giant Netflix, we have brought a piece of very disappointing news. It has been stated officially by the online service provider that the teen drama will no longer return on the platform again with a potential fifth installment.

The series is about a bunch of teenagers who reside in a boarding school. It released its fourth installment (and now the last one) earlier this year in 2020, and now it is so final that there will be no fifth season of The Greenhouse Academy. At this depressing point in time, star Cinthya Carmona has come forward to talk about the series and said that she is always going to cherish the experience of working on this show for Netflix.

Here is what the plot of the CANCELLED Greenhouse Academy looks like!

The series takes its inspiration from a television series from Israel which goes by the title, The Greenhouse. The show throws the entire spotlight on the siblings who are mentioned below and portrays them finding their path through a set of mysterious events while also blending in a perfect amount of deadly plotline with putting some issues in their friendships as well as romances just like a cherry on top of all the chaos.

Here is what the cast of The Greenhouse Academy looks like!

The siblings are;

Hayley (The role reprised by Ariel Mortman)
Alex Woods (The character enacted by Finn Roberts)
Well, The Greenhouse Academy is not the only one that got eliminated this year by the streaming giant. One of its other originals and also a teen drama called Thirteen Reasons Why has also been canceled after just four installments.

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