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FIFA 21: Gameplay Features Explained In Detail

FIFA 21: Gameplay Features Explained In Detail

If we are talking about soccer/football simulation, then one name always comes into our mind, and that is officially licensed product of FIFA. Ea Sports FIFA rising through the ranks and getting more hyped throughout its version.

Now the upcoming edition is FIFA 21, and there are a lot of surprise elements this fall. The gameplay trailer caused quite a stir among the fans, and they want more changes in the gameplay of this year’s edition.

Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer eventually shows the features in the upcoming edition of FIFA, and we are explaining these features and how they differ from previous versions of FIFA.

Agile Dribbling

This year’s edition focuses on the agile dribbling, and now 1V1 dribbling got more improved, and players have a better chance of past opposition players with new skills.

Creative Runs

FIFA has a major problem as teammates’ movements are not up to the mark and they are not available for most of the chances created by other players. Now creative runs could solve this problem, and there is a better understanding between players.

Positioning Awareness

As we mentioned, the positioning is not up to the mark, and players missed most of the crucial chances which cost the game. Positioning awareness tends to fix the problem on some accounts and players will face no difficulty regarding the positioning.

Natural Collision System

FIFA is known for its great physics and mechanism after the updation of their impact engines. Now we could witness a simpler version of the collision system while tackling or players getting tangled with each other after some nasty challenges.

Fundamentals of Football

Now FIFA is implementing the manual system rather than depending on system for crosses and headers.

Manual Headers

Now player will only head the ball when commanded to do so, from now on there will be no random headers which almost waste some good chances.

Long Through Balls

Now passing long through balls will be easier, and we could send a long through ball from mid to wings.

Competitor Mode

The mode allows you to play against the best players of FIFA in terms of competition all around the world.

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