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Drunk History: Will We Get A Season 7 Of The Comedy Series?

Drunk History: Will We Get A Season 7 Of The Comedy Series?

Can we expect the Season seven of Unsolved Mysteries? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know about the cast, release date, and plot of Unsolved Mysteries.

Can we get the season seventh of Drunk History?

Sadly, the sixth season was the last season of the series. The show will not have another season. The sixth and now final season of the series, which concluded its run on August 6, 2019, has three Emmy nominations. Season 7 of Drunk History was in pre-production and drawing on some comic fiction when the coronavirus epidemic halted all film and television production activities in mid-March. So the creators decided to cancel the seventh season of the series.

The decision was overturned on August 19, 2020, when Comedy Central canceled the series, and the sixth season was deemed the last. Three episodes were filmed before production was halted due to the COVID-19 epidemic.  Several international editions have also been produced. Over its six seasons, Drunk History garnered 17 primetime Emmy nominations, including a diversity show or an outstanding win in 2015 for exclusive costume designer Christina Mongini and costume supervisor Cassandra Connors.

What is the show “Drunk History” about?

Dunk History is a comedy television series produced by Comedy Central in 2007. The series is created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Conner. They are both executive producers of the show along with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Each episode features an alcoholic narrator, who is later joined by host Waters, who struggles to narrate a story event, while the actors serve as anecdotes for the narrator and also synchronize the dialogue.

The intoxication story started as a web series on Waters’ YouTube page and then progressed to Funny or Die. The concept from the start was an impenetrable storyteller, often a cumbersome comedian or UCB cartoonist, who re-recorded a dark historical story, which was later reissued by Famous Stars.

Drunk History: Cast

Bennie Arthur,
Tim Baltz,
Mort Burke,
Sarah Burns,
Maria Blasucci,
J.T. Palmer
Aasha Davis
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