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Dark Forces On Netflix: Know More About Upcoming Flick

Dark Forces On Netflix: Know More About Upcoming Flick

During this time of the pandemic, broadcasting giant Netflix has been releasing many films to keep its subscribers entertained. During the last few months, the broadcasting giant has premiered several dark movies on its platform. Soon, Netflix is coming with another dark film. The followers of dark movies are looking forward to watching Dark Forces on the broadcasting giant’s platform soon. When will Dark Forces make its debut on Netflix?

Dark Forces: When Will The Film Release On The Digital Platform?

After much wait, the broadcasting giant has revealed the premiere date of its latest dark film, Dark Forces. The film will make its debut on the broadcasting giant’s platform on August 21 this year.

Dark Forces: Has The Broadcasting Gaint Released The Trailer Of The Upcoming Dark Film?

Recently, the broadcasting giant released the trailer of its upcoming dark film, Dark Forces. The trailer gives the viewers a glimpse of what they can expect in the film.

Dark Forces: What Is The Premise Of The Upcoming Dark Film?

The film follows a man who in search of his sister who is missing. The man searching for his missing sister is a renegade criminal. He reaches a sordid hotel while searching for some answers. At the hotel, the man comes in contact with a guest who is sinister. The renegade criminal keeps a close eye on the guest of the hotel. He also has a romantic relationship with a mysterious waitress and has a soft spot for her.

Dark Forces: The Team Behind The Dark Thriller Film

Bernardo Arellano is the writer and director of the dark thriller film, Dark Forces. He is known for his work in Between Night and Day, The Beginning of Time, and Serpent’s Paradise.

Dark Forces: Who Are A Part Of The Cast Of The Upcoming Dark Thriller Film?

Also titled as Fuego Negro, the film stars Tenoch Huerta in the lead role. The other cast members of the film are Eréndira Ibarra and Dale Carley.

The Spanish language film will be available with English sub-titles on the broadcasting giant’s platform.

Bernardo Arellano’s Dark Forces will release on the broadcasting giant’s platform on August 21.

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