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Child’s Play TV Show: When Can We Expect The Horror Series To Arrive?

Child’s Play TV Show: When Can We Expect The Horror Series To Arrive?

Child's Play TV Show

Child’s Play TV show is going to be on Syfy soon, and we are super excited for the franchise to come back to life, the show is being created by the original creator Don Mancini, the franchise first came to light in 1988, and it has come a long way.

So, without wasting time, let us get into the details about the TV show.

Release Date For Child’s Play TV Show

Syfy has not yet released an official date for the show, but we are expecting the show to land in 2020, but considering the current situation, it is had to predict if it will be possible or not.

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Back in 2019 Syfy announced that they would come out with the show in 2020, it has been nearly halfway into 2020, but we have no updates on the show, as mentioned by Syfy it is going to be an 8- part show.


Child's Play TV Show

Syfy has not mentioned alot of details about Child’s Play Tv show, and the only confirmed cast member is Brad Dourif who will play the role of Chucky, he has previously voiced for seven movies as Chucky.

Makers have also mentioned that the story of the show will continue from Cult Of Chucky rest we will know as and when Syfy comes out with other information.

Possible Plot

Originally Child’s Play Tv show was going to continue where the story left off in the movies, but according to a new synopsis from Syfy, the show will begin from Chucky entering a small, quiet town, which is followed by a series of murders.

Meanwhile, we do get to know more about the deeply hidden secrets of the residents, and things start to get even more complicated, we are super excited to hear more about the upcoming show and can not wait for Syfy to release it.

That is all for today we will keep fans updated on the latest news about the TV show until then continue reading with us!

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