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BBNAIJA; Nengi will be the winner – Neo

BBNAIJA; Nengi will be the winner – Neo

During his dairy session,Neo said he thinks if he didn’t win, then Nengi will win the show.

He said this when biggie asked him who do he think will win the grand prize of 85 Million naira.

His words;

Neo disclosed this during his diary session on Friday evening, September 25.

He said; “I won’t lie, I will say may be Nengi, I think Nengi, because she’s a pretty girl and she has nice personality as well, she’s down to earth, she’s true, she’s herself.

“I think she has being herself from day one, and I feel like that’s one thing myself I’m grateful for because that’s one reason I’ve got this far.

“So, I feel like anyone that has been through here… and I feel like if you’re playing too you have a great chance of winning anyway.

“But she’s one person I think… she’s true with everything, she’s not a shy person, she doesn’t say because I am with you, I don’t be myself.

“She has always being herself. So, I look at her like someone who has always being herself from day one.

“So, I feel like Nengi will win and there are no so many reasons why but I feel like if there is anyone that will win apart from me for sure, it could be Nengi.”

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