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#bbnaija: Dorathy gets mad at ozo

#bbnaija: Dorathy gets mad at ozo

One of the big brother current housemates,Dorathy is angry and pissed at ozo over a prank the latter played on her.

Ozo who wanted to play a prank on Dorathy hid her stuff in his jacket in a box in the room and after he did dat he asked d housemates hope no one needed anything from the box.

To Dorathy, that question “hope no one needed anything from the box” coming from ozo meant a lot to her because she could never have suspected he was up to something let alone anger her.

She said:
“Because it was coming from you(ozo),I hundred percent believed it
If it was Neo do you think I would have listened to him and not check the bag”

According to Dorathy, she said she wasnt expecting such thing from ozo as she taught him a better person than he portrayed.

And when trickeytee said Ozo was the perfect(est), she replied
“Till he betrays you”

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