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The 5 different skin types: Which type of skin do you have?

The 5 different skin types: Which type of skin do you have?

  • Figure out your skin type once and for all!
Skin Types

Just like the hair has different types which helps to determine how to take good care of it, our skin as individuals also has diverse types, knowing your skin type is very crucial to taking good care of your skin. We have five skin types here; Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Dry skin, Dehydrated skin, Acne-prone skin.

I’ll highlight few of these skin types in this article.

  1. Oily skin: oily skin is slick to touch and always has a shiny appearance, it produces oil in the t-junction and the cheek area. People with oily skin have enlarged pores and are majorly prone to blackheads and acne. Check out: 5 Natural Home Remedies To Combat Oily Skin

  2. Sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin react easily to skincare products, most times they break out or end up with extremely dry skin. Their skin tends to become red or hot when touched and easily itchy. Most times, they have visible blotchiness or red areas on their skin.

  3. Dry skin: Most people with Dry skin majorly have a dry appearance, they feel tight in the morning, mostly itchy and may have rough or flakey patches.

  4. Dehydrated skin: People with dehydrated skin should be treated as dry skin although most times they have oily appearances, as a result of this their skin is often misinterpreted as oily skin due to oil production, making use of drying products for dehydrated skin makes it worse. It is visibly dry, it produces excessive sebum and may sometimes have rough or flakey patches.

  5. Acne-prone skin: Like the name suggests, they are usually prone to acne and products can easily cause acne flare-ups. This type of skin is majorly attributed to hormonal imbalances or sensitivity, it is usually regarded as a combination to oily skin.

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Identifying your skin type therefore helps you understand certain occurrences your skin encounters and helps you understand how to handle these occurrences.

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