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Moisturizer: One Of The Key Ingredients To A Glowing Skin

Moisturizer: One Of The Key Ingredients To A Glowing Skin

I’m literally obsessed with having a glowing and vibrant skin, I don’t have the best skin but I always strive to make sure my skin is healthy and vibrant. I could literally spend my last cash on getting skincare products that would give me that “glow”.

One of the essential products needed to get a glowing skin is Moisturizer, moisturizer is the cosmetic term for creams, ointment or lotion that feeds moisture into the skin, they are creams applied on the skin to make it feel softer and smoother, in lay man terms, they help to prevent a dry skin.

Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion

As earlier mentioned, they come in various forms: they’re usually creams, lotions or ointments, they can also be bath or shower additives that are designed to minimize the drying effects of water, Moisturizers contain ingredients that are either occlusive (blocking) or humectant. Occlusive agents are used to help block the loss of water from the skin. Humectant agents are used to attract water to the skin. Moisturizers are applicable to both the body and the face, it is advisable to purchase moisturizers specifically for body parts.

There are natural moisturizers and chemical based moisturizers, Shea butter is a natural moisturizer.

Nourish Organic Body Butter

Usage of moisturizers differ based on a person’s skin type: a person who is prone to dry skin would be advised to use a moisturizer with a high oil content can work really well as oil-based ointments are thicker in consistency and will stay on the skin for longer than a cream tends to. For people with a sensitive skin, it is advisable to use vegetable or seed-based oil moisturizers as opposed to a mineral-based oil moisturizer this would help to protect irritations. Oily skinned people should consider more of water based moisturizers or moisturizers with less oil base.

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For a more Effective use of moisturizer and daily skin maintenance, I would advise the use of creams and lotions moisturizers, they are less greasy and get absorbed into the skin easily, thereby making you comfortable. Moisturizers are your surest bet when it comes to getting rid of a dry and scaly skin.

Why not get a moisturizer today and start your journey towards achieving a glowing skin, what’s stopping you?

P.S: Water is a natural moisturizer, regular intake of water keeps you moisturize. Stay hydrated and Stay moisturized.

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