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Saying ‘No’ To Chapped Lips And ‘Yes’ To Lip Gloss

Saying ‘No’ To Chapped Lips And ‘Yes’ To Lip Gloss

Popular opinion: No one likes their lips looking cracked or chapped. It’s a huge turn off and never gives one a good look. What’s the solution to having fresh moist lips, attractive lips that gives you a pleasing look because there’s no dried blood on your lips or cracked spot?

Lip gloss, yes you read right. Lip gloss is gender neutral, it’s necessary for both men and women. Lip gloss is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre, it is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid. Lip gloss is available in ranges of opacity from translucent to solid, and can have various frosted, glittery, glossy, and metallic finishes, some come in different shades and colors. The best thing about a lip gloss is that you never have to worry about your lips having a matte or dry feel, always glossy and moist, that’s the best feeling.

Lip gloss was invented by Max Factor in 1930. He wanted to create a lip product that would make lips shiny and glossy. Lip gloss comes in various ways and can be applied in diverse ways. Lip glosses have been made in ways that would suit the comfortability and choices of different individuals. Lipgloss can be contained in a small cylinder and applied with a rounded or sloped applicator wand which is known as a doe foot applicator or with a built in lip brush.

It can come in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be passed over the lips or applied with a fingertip or lip brush. Some lip gloss which are Solid or semisolid glosses also come in boxes or tubes. Lip glosses serves as emollients for the lips, they add volume to the lips and leave your lips fresh all day.

Extra Lip gloss tips: lipgloss can be used to tame your brows, tame frizzy strands of hair and even help with your blush.

Lip glosses are definitely a must have for every person. *winks*

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