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Obtaining a Glowing Skin to Match Your Elegant Dresses

Obtaining a Glowing Skin to Match Your Elegant Dresses

Having a glowing skin is everyone’s dream especially to match our classy clothings. Looking glamorous and charming is what we crave day and night. Well, there’s nothing easier than that, we just have to get rid of some few problems such as black spots, baggy eyes and even dark circles. With all these fixed, your flawless glowing skin is baked.

Here we are with some beautiful tips to help you attain your glowing skin to match even your most elegant cloths.

Get a skin smoothing cream

The number one remedy to erase the blemishes that disrupt your skin is to get a skin cream that tallies with your skin colour. The cream should provide some if not all of the following features;

  • Diminishes/Erases the appearance of visible spots
  • Moisturises the skin for at least 24 hours of essential moisture
  • Controls excessive oil
  • Protect skin’s natural microbiome from ecology stress
  • Anti-wrinkle & anti-aging

There are unending lists of creams possessing the above qualities. Our choice is Dermalogica – A next-generation moisturizer using Active HydraMesh Technology, it infuses skin with 48 hours of constant hydration and helps shield against environmental pressure.

You should surf the internet for your choice. You may encounter lists that include both splurge-worthy and cost-efficient skincare, and the choice is yours. It’s all about whatever works for your skin type, which is unlike anyone else’s.

Change your diet

You want your skin to radiate beauty? then you should change your diet. Vegetables, fruits and fish should be the bases of your daily meal. Each of these 3 contain vitamins, mineral and other healthy nutrients.
A big thank you to the fish – an important variable of the equation, for its omega – 3 and fatty acids which maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Keep yourself hydrated

There’s nothing more essential than drinking water. As we already know, water provides a lot of health benefits such as flushing toxins out of the system which keeps the skin clean by pushing out bacteria and reducing the risk of acne and other skin problems. It’s recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water daily to obtain a glowing skin.

Opt in for exfoliation

If you’ve been having problem putting some specific dresses (colour such as silver) owing to your acne, pimples and even redness, you should go for exfoliation.

Exfoliation – the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation can be achieved by mechanical or chemical means.

Fora proper exfoliation, you can use baking soda, sugar, salt and oatmeal. Mix them with honey, Olive oil or other natural oil then massage your face with this natural scrub.

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