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Understanding Your Natural Hair

Understanding Your Natural Hair

Natural hair

Natural hair has gained popularity in the black community in recent years.

Hey Guys, so it’s another end of the week and I’m not so excited about it. Why? The world is still suffering the Coronavirus pandemic, hopefully everything gets sorted out in time and we all get back to our normal lives.

So, Over the years the trend of hairstyle and maintenance has changed from women keeping relaxed and permed hair and trying to maintain it, now it’s all natural. Almost every lady is interested in keeping their natural hair and maintaining its growth without using of chemicals or even relaxing it. Natural hair has therefore become the norm for every lady’s hair irrespective of their type of hair.

Maintaining a Natural hair is never easy, I’ll be discussing 2 major things you need to have a full knowledge of for you to be able to treat your hair right. They are;

1. Hair type: Every individual has a hair type, there are numerous factors that determine your hair type as a person. Examples hair types are 3b, 4c, 4b, kinky hair, curly hair and so on. In taking care of your natural hair and maintaining it, you have to take into importance your hair type, this serves as a guideline for acquiring the right products to your hair and providing the right hair routine for it.

2. Hair porosity: Often times, the porosity of your hair is dependent on your hair type, so it’s majorly important for you to have an idea of your hair type. Your hair porosity could be either low or high that is it’s ability to absorb fluids, Moisture is very essential for your hair. If your hair has a low ability to absorb fluid and you’re aware of this, it would give you the opportunity to develop a routine that would help it acquire moisture and seal it in.

The 2 factors mentioned above are key factors that should be known by every natural hair keeper out there, it’s a big yes to keeping and loving your hair in a better way.

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