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The Mullet Haircut has made its Way Back into the Modern Fashion

The Mullet Haircut has made its Way Back into the Modern Fashion

History seems to often repeat itself, it also does when it comes to fashion and beauty. And now it seems a style that is undeniably associated with a particular era is making a big return. Yes, The Mullet – An hairstyle in which the hair is short at the front and sides but long at the back, is back. It is known to have reigned in the ’80s but it occurred that it’s finding its way back into the modern fashion.

The iconic hairstyle was typically found on members of ‘80s rock bands, but its a style which has lately been emerging on the heads of celebrities. It started when the styles crept into our Instagram feeds, as a slew of young, cool, social-media famous faces shared photos of their short-sided mullet hairstyle.

Here’s a look at some of the celebrities who are bringing the mullet back around and rocking the look while they’re at it….

Billie Eilish

Ever the fashion influencer, singer Billie Eilish has wowed fans with her mullet cut.

Maisie Williams

Gameof Thrones actress MaisieWilliams is the latest member of the mullet club.

Discussing the latest trend, hair stylist to the stars, James Johnson, told OK! online: “This look is perfect for high fashion. The word ‘mullet’ original stems from a type of fish. Deriving from the Greek language, it’s hard to see the connection between this and a type of haircut, however incidents of the hairstyle are said to have been documented back to more than 1,400 years ago during the Roman times.”

And for those who are on the verge of taking up the mullet style, James has some styling advice for you.

“Mullet is suited with texture, if it is to be re-created, the more undone movement the better to make it more edgy.” He said.

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