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Seven Oils To Help Aid Your Natural Hair Journey

Seven Oils To Help Aid Your Natural Hair Journey

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In every natural hair journey, oil is an important contributor to the hairs growth, they help to seal in moisture, avoid frizzy hair, add sheen and glow to the hair amongst other things. Each oil to its own individual benefits, these oils can be used alone or alongside other oils, that is they can be mixed.

Top 7 oils for Natural hair growth

1. Olive oil: this oil helps to add softness and shine to ones hair,it serves as a deep conditioner and is also regarded as a natural SPF 2-8. If you ever have split ends, use olive oil.

2. Avocado oil: this oil guarantees smooth and silky hair, it serves as an anti-dandruff. It also serves as a moisturizer and helps to repair damaged hair.

3. Castor oil: castor oil helps to treat hair loss and promote hair growth, it prevents hair breakage and also helps to increase scalp circulation.

4. Grape seed oil: this oil serves as a natural heat protectant for the hair,it conditions the hair and helps to prevent dandruff. It also prevents hair loss and helps in moisturizing the scalp.

5. Argan oil: this oil helps to soften the hair and helps when detangling hair, it adds shine to the hair and makes it stronger. It also nourishes and conditions the hair.

6. Macadamia oil: this oil is not commonly known, it is a natural SPF 6,it moisturizes dry hair and helps to strengthen the hair,it prevents hair damage and repairs split ends.

7. Amla oil: this oils is generally used to increase scalp health, it helps to darken the hair naturally and nourish the hair while promoting hair growth. It also helps to reduce hair loss.

All these oils mentioned above can be mixed with ones shampoo or conditioner or applied alone for effective treatment. Some need to be applied warm while others don’t.

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