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Healthy Hair Care Routine Everyone Should Adopt

Healthy Hair Care Routine Everyone Should Adopt

For every Naturalist out there, Your Wash day should always include these steps; Cleanse, Moisture and Definition

STEP 1: Cleanse: Massage sulphate-free shampoo into wet hair beginning at the root and work towards the ends. Lather then rinse thoroughly with cool water. If your hair has heavy product buildup, a second lather and rinse is advised.

STEP 2: Condition: Apply a generous amount of conditioner to ends and work towards the root. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

STEP 3: Definition: Apply curling cream or any other styling cream with moisturizer to clean damp hair section by section, beginning at the root and working towards the ends. Do not rinse. Spray with mousse for long lasting style.

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