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The Best Acne Stickers And Patches To Help Clear Emergency Spots Overnight

The Best Acne Stickers And Patches To Help Clear Emergency Spots Overnight

  • These actually work.

Acne patches have seen a massive surge in popularity in the UK and we have K-beauty forward-thinking innovators to thank for that.

They’re an easy, fuss-free way to treat spots, acne and blemishes that might suddenly arise at the absolute worst time (we know, when is a good time for a spot to come?) Rather than dry out a spot like many fast-acting spot treatments, these stickers and patches are usually hydrocolloid bandages which mean they absorb fluid from a spot and help inflammation – much like a plaster. The patches are usually see-through which means you can see the drama unfold in the mirror, turning white as it works hard to absorb the pus, flattening out the spot. No wonder they’ve become bathroom cabinet staples.

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Acne stickers also mean extra protection for a spot – you aren’t able to pick at it or touch the skin, leading to the transfer of bacteria. Facialist Sarah Chapman says, “Hydrocolloid patches are hygienic – they stick to your skin and create a shield from other irritants like daily dirt and pollution. Used on spots, they also calm redness and irritation, encouraging the skin to heal.”

And if you have picked a pimple and are suddenly left with a weeping wound (we won’t tell you off because we have ALL been there) adding a drop of tea tree oil to the spot and then covering it with a spot sticker works miracles. It stops it from scabbing over and helps prevent any acne scars. It’s not an excuse to keep picking but can help when you’re left with a bit of a situation.

So, want to find out the best acne patches and stickers that are worth keeping on hand? See our pick of the best below…

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