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A wonder ingredient for your Hair Care

A wonder ingredient for your Hair Care

While artificial products and salon services give intermittent glow and shine, ultimately, the texture and quality of the hair depends on the naturally-rich products that are mostly available at home. Hence, natural treatment works better for the hair in the long run.

For a new week begins, try something exclusively different for your hair, which is likely to benefit you greatly. Egg oil — which works like any other natural oil, will tackle your many hair problems.

It is no news that eggs are rich in proteins, consuming them can boost the health and immunity, while external application of the poultry product is also said to be immensely beneficial.

Egg oil is also known as egg yolk oil. As the name suggests, this oil is extracted naturally from the egg yolk, which is said to be rich in ‘triglycerides’ with cholesterol, and ‘phospholipids’ — all of which can do wonders for the hair, provided you add it to your daily hair care routine.

Some of its benefits goes thus:

  • Egg oil works as a conditioner. It can cure damaged hair, and that is the job of a conditioner. It can leave your hair feeling lighter and bouncier.
  • It also fight against the premature aging of hair. Notice a few stray hair strands? Just apply a generous amount of egg oil to take care of this problem.
  • If you are suffering from hair fall issues, or hair loss, try egg oils — it is a great ingredient to nourish your roots and heal your scalp, and make it healthy enough to welcome new hair.

How to prepare

The oil is available for purchase online, it can also be prepared at home.

  • Take three eggs, three cups of water, and one teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Boil the eggs and then place them in cool or icy water for about two minutes.
  • Take the shells out and clean the eggs.
  • Then remove the egg whites to get through to the hardened yolks.
  • Place them on a plate over the stove and grind them thoroughly.
  • To this, add the olive oil and continue stirring the yolks for at least five minutes until it becomes a fine dark brown paste.
  • Pour it through a strainer to extract the oil. Wait till it cools down in room temperature, and then refrigerate for a few hours before you start applying.
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